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>>> mitt romney is heading to maryland. we'll show how he's trying to drum up supporters later. >>> we have new information this morning as baltimore mayor, mayor rawlings-blake, introduces the 2013 budget. >>> and plans for a new elementary school for timonium get the go-ahead and why it has several people upset this morning. detail on that. it's the middle of the week. i'm megan pringle. right out of the box, we want to let you know that any delays or closures due to fog will be at the bottom of the screen. talbott county schools are on a 90 minute delay and no pre-k and now over to lynette charles. >>> good morning. we have an update now. we've been talking about the fog all morning long and a dense fog advisory was just issued. and this is in effect till 10:00 a.m. this morning. but we have it in the colors. this gray color is here. so frederick is in that but points southward, you're dealing with fog this morning. you know the drill. have the low beams on. this is stubborn to move out of here. and we'll see the clouds around even above us as we go into the afternoon, even
. >>> battle is on in illinois as mitt romney and rick san tom work hard for the last minute votes. >>> as we take a live look from our camera downtown at the inner harbor, on this tuesday, march 20th, it's showing a pleasant morning, temperature wise, 61 degreess still a little wet and muggy. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. charley crowson has the day off. today is the first day of spring. >>> everybody out there, we are dealing with some soggy conditions, foggy conditions this morning. like we did yesterday. we have one mile visibility in baltimore, 3 eastons 6 in york frederick looks good. i am not ruling out the fact this could drop down as we go through time. culpepper coming in at 1m have the low beams on as you head out the door. we have the foggy conditions, but it is a little bit of fog as well. a little bit of a thom thunderstorm now. winds in to westminster. dealing with the shower popping up across the area. we slide south in to pg county sp also in to montgomery county, white oak. dealing with a little bit of moderate rain and lightning strikes this mor
to seeing justice done. >>> mitt romney plans to talk to members of congress and other officials in our nation's capitol. yesterday he made a brief stop in maryland and in the state's april 3rdem primary 3 governor romney focused on gas prices, the economy and health care. he also did q anders a with the audience, emphasizing less government especially when it comes to bailouts. >> we should go through the normal process, perhaps a bankruptcy process and emerge out the other side, shedding excessive burdens. >> romney is going to spend about $250,000 leading up to maryland's primary. >>> what does a child's toy have to do with the the presidential race? romney says everything changes for the fall campaign. rick santorum says it's a sign he plans to run as a blank slate in the fall. he handed out etch a sketches. >> be able to draw a new picture, maybe for when he ran for governor of massachusetts, not as a conservative. >> in louisiana newt gingrich handed his etch-a-sketch to a toddler telling her one day she could also have a career in politics. >>> gop presidential candidates all ha
in around 63 degrees. i will have the neighborhood forecast coming up. >>> we just received word mitt romney is the projected winner of six super tuesday states. rick santorum had three and newt gingrich claimed victory in his home state of georgia. renee marsh is in georgia with more. >> reporter: yesterday super tuesday was the most important day of the primary season yet and mitt romney took home the biggest prize of the night. ohio, with some saying this win was not decisive. it was a good night for mitt romney but not a knockout. >> tonight we've taken one more step towards restoring the promise of tomorrow. tomorrow we wake up and start again. >> reporter: he won six of the 10 super tuesday states. in ohio, which is expected to be an important battleground in the general election. he took home a slim victory over rick santorum. but romney failed to attract diehard conservatives who gave santorum victories in tennessee, oklahoma and north dakota. >> we have won in the west, the midwest, and the south and we're ready to win across this country! >> reporter: newt gingrich won't be counted
primaries are tomorrow. mitt romney scored an overwhelming win in somebody's gop presidential primary in puerto rico. he requested rick and sore -- san tore i'm economic credentials calling him and president obama economic light weights. >> i don't think you will replace an economic light weight with another economic light weight. >> on abc this week santorum challenged romney to a one-on- one debate. >> see if governor romney is willing to come out. he's hiding behind the billionaires who are funding his super pact and spending outrageous amounts of money running negative ads. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney will head to maryland this week on wednesday he will have lunch at the u.s. naval academy and attend public events in arbutus and frederick. our state primary is april 3rd. >>> a landmark achievement for barbara mikulski is now the longest serving female in congress. when she came to the senate in 1986, there was only one other woman republican nance and they formed a bond across county lines and currently there are 17 female senators. mikulski hosts a dinner for
the nomination. santorum expects to be competitive. mitt romney plans to do well in vermont, idaho and massachusetts. romney tried to sell business skills to ohioans yesterday. listen. >> what i know is the economy, i spent my life in the real economy, i understand why jobs come and why they go. >> polls have romney and santorum locked in a dead heat in ohio. ohio, polls open in half an hour. coming in at 6:30, staying open until 7:30 tonight. live report from another super tuesday site, ohio b coming up at 6:45. >>> good morning, 6:04, a check of your traffic conditions. it's been relatively calm for the most roadways. if you are heading out in the next few minutes, take the east side of 695, here is what you are going to find, calm conditions, by the bw parkway interchange. continues to remain calm on the east side of 695, continuing to the key bridge. traffic patterns starting to pick up for those of you on i- 95 this morning, not bad as you take the drive through the city southbound, a little bit heavier than northbound. lanes open in both stretches between 695 and the tunnels
will open. four candidates remain in the race but right now the focus is on two. mitt romney and rick santorum. there's speculation if newt gingrich does poorly today he could be dropping out of the presidential race and polls are showing an unexpectedly tight race throughout the south. a 3-way tie between santorum, romney and once again newt gingrich. and a reminder today is the last day to register in the vote for the april primary election in maryland. you can head to the mba where they are paperless. the mva transmit information to the state board of elects. officers close at 4:30 but you can do it the old fashioned way. you have until 9 to do that head to a about. c2 for more information. >>> five minutes after -- for more information. >>> five minutessa 6. a -- minutes after 6. she is shocked about what police say alexander song planned to dom he graduated in the top 10% in his class in howard countyin 2010 a member of the national honor society as well as honor society for spanish and art. he is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation after police say he threa
in salisbury. his rival mitt romney was in arbutus and maryland's primary is april 3rd. 37 delegates are up for grabs. >>> this evening we will learn more about plans for maryland's primary and director of elects -- election that will be a speaker at a meeting at union baptist church. in addition to maryland's primary armsted jones will be expected to talk about the efforts to increase overall voter turnout. >>> this morning, doctors at the university of maryland medical senter will discuss a facial transplant done on a 37- year-old man. that 36 hour procedure took place at shock trauma last week. the hospital is the second in the nation to perform a face transplant and will learn more about that today. >>> today in annapolis, hundreds of students will rally for education tax credits a bill considered would allow businesses to receive a credit on their state taxes for donations to organizations offering financial assistance to children attending nonpublic and public schools. >>> thousands of demonstrators have rallied across the country calling for justice for the trayvon martin case. >> t
to preregister to get early if you want to get a seat. >>> mitt romney came to arbutus and newt gingrich paid a visit in annapolis and while in maryland he took a swipe at governor by the gas tax. >> everybody is concerned about the price of gasoline. to have an effort made to raise the price by 25 cents a gallon strikes me as being very, very antievery day working american. >> gingrich did acknowledge his campaign is cash strapped and replacing the manager and cutting a third of the staff. maryland primary is tuesday. 37 delegates will be at stake come primary time. >>> today is the last day for the supreme court hearing and it's involving the president's universal health care law. >> here's what we state to obama care. >> high drama as opposing rallies made their opinions known. inside the high court examined the individual mandate is constitutional and the court probably won't hand down a ruling until sometime this summer. >>> it's crucial information for anyone who is buying a new car. the safety rating revealing how well your car will protect you in a serious accident. for the first time
presidential candidates are making last- minute pushes to get votes. mitt romney made a stop in georgia. he held a pancake brunch at a local high school. rick santorum enjoyed tennessee barbeque in memphis and we will look at ten states that's vowing on super tuesday. look at -- voting on tuesday. we are talking about 419 delegates at stake. we will have live coverage on good morning maryland so be sure to tune in tomorrow morning. >>> sports for you now. lady terps basketball team iscelebrating a big win winning the acc beating georgia tech. final score 68-65. thomas scored a career high 29 points and this is maryland's 10th tilt and second in four years. they will find out when they play next. the ncaa fired and second round games will be at comcast center on march 17th and march 19th. >>> busy day for the o's in florida. they will have a split crawd playing tampa bay -- squad playing tampa and pittsburgh. they will be back here at camden yards for the home opener for the 2012 season. facing the twins 3:05 first pitch from camden yards on april 6th. >> no one wants to be a victim of a sca
, maryland's primary is april 3rd and early voting begins tomorrow. 37 delegates are at stake and mitt romney was just in baltimore county on wednesday. next week it turns out newt gingrich is going to be visiting our state as well. the former house speaker will be in annapolis and plans to visit the statehouse and meet with business owners on main street. this visit is scheduled for tuesday. >>> all right. it's 8 minutes after 6 this morning. the highly anticipated movie the hunger games has come out across the nation at theaters admit night and fans stayed up late to be among the first to see it. abc2 news charley crowson didn't see the movie but we sent him out there live to get reaction. good morning charley. >> reporter: hey, megan, the show has just wrapped up. the 3:15 showing wrapped up around 15 minutes ago and one of the questions we asked for you this morning on facebook was the violence of the movie because it does pit children against children in a one survival competition reality series. we have a family who just finished wrapping up the 3:15 showing and they are from glen berni
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11